Activity licence of a handler of a pyrotechnic article and of a handler of an explosive

An operating licence must be applied for if an undertaking pursues to act in the field of handling pyrotechnic articles.

The operating licence for handling explosive substances and operating licence for handling a pyrotechnic article are granted without a term.

Activities related to explosive substances and pyrotechnic articles are regulated by:

  • Explosives Act;
  • Regulation No 40 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, “Requirements set for the handling, including the place of handling, of a pyrotechnic article”;
  • Regulation No 57 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, “Requirements set for explosives warehouse and the storage of explosives and pyrotechnic articles”.

Requirements for the applicant

In order to obtain the operating licence, the applicant must correspond to the following requirements:

  • The undertaking has the appropriate technical means and a competent staff for handling a pyrotechnic article in conformity with the requirements;
  • The undertaking does not have tax arrears or postponed tax arrears, the undertaking is not subject to liquidation proceedings, no resolution has been adopted about the termination of the economic activities of the undertaking and the undertaking is not declared bankrupt;
  • Pursuant to the information held in the punishment register, the representative of the undertaking or the person organising the handling of the pyrotechnic article has not been punished for a criminal offence in the first degree, for an offence against the state, or for an offence which was committed by using an explosive, a pyrotechnic article, ammunition or a firearm, and he or she is not wanted, or suspected or accused of a criminal offence.

Professional qualification of employees

If you wish to employ an employee, who has received his/her qualification abroad or has professional (vocational) work experience abroad, the employee must have his/her professional qualification recognised in Estonia. A professional qualification acquired abroad may not automatically comply with the conditions established in Estonia.

Find out about the professions / professional practice that must be recognised.

Cross-border operation

If the undertaking has an operating licence for handling a pyrotechnic article, which is issued by another contracting state of the European Economic Area, but the undertaking wishes to operate in Estonia, the undertaking must apply for an operating licence of a handler of a pyrotechnic article.

Application for an operating licence is not mandatory if the undertaking wishes to use a pyrotechnic article in Estonia on a temporary basis (e.g. organise a fireworks display). In this case the undertaking must notify the Technical Regulatory Authority about the use of a pyrotechnic article at least 10 working days before using the pyrotechnic article in Estonia by sending the authority a respective e-mail at and follow the requirements established for the use of a pyrotechnic article in Estonia.

Information about operating in another European Economic Area state can be found from the point of single contact EUGO of the respective country.

Filling in and submitting the application

A handling licence for explosive substances and/or pyrotechnic articles provides the right to produce, store, use and alienate explosive substances and pyrotechnic articles if the licence holder has the required technical equipment and personnel.

In order to obtain a handling licence for explosive substances and pyrotechnic articles, an application with the following information must be submitted to the Technical Regulatory Authority:

  • Pursued field of activity (preparation, storage, use of explosive substances);
  • Place or places of operation;
  • Relevant technical equipment;
  • Validity period of the pursued handling licence, if shorter than five years.

The following additional documents must be submitted:

  • Information on those persons who due to their proprietary participation or position in the undertaking are entitled to influence the activities of the undertaking (for example, a list of those shareholders in the undertaking who hold more than five per cent of the share capital, and a list of the members of the management board and supervisory board of the undertaking setting out a natural person’s given name and surname, personal identification code, in the absence of the latter date of birth, and place of residence, and a legal person’s full name, seat and commercial registry code).
  • Information about the organiser of the handling of explosive substances (given name and surname, personal identification code, in the absence of the latter date of birth, and place of residence and telephone number) and the copy of the document proving the competence of this person.
  • A copy of the document confirming payment of the state fee.

The application can be submitted:

Payment of the state fee

State fee for the review of an application for a licence for handling explosives is 290 euros.

State fee for the review of an application for handling a pyrotechnic article is 130 euros.

The state fee must be paid to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance:

  • SEB – EE891010220034796011
  • Swedbank – EE932200221023778606
  • Danske Bank – EE403300333416110002
  • Luminor Bank – EE701700017001577198

Reference number: 2900073203.

Processing the application

The grant of the handling licence is decided, the handling licence is issued and changed and the validity of the licence is extended by the committee within 30 days after the date of reception of the application and all the required documents.

The validity of the handling licence is suspended and annulled by the committee within 30 days after the date of becoming aware of the respective basis. The applicant will be informed about the granting of the operating licence via telephone or e-mail. A digital operating licence is issued as a registry entry in the Register of Economic Activities.

If the information provided in the application is deficient, you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone at the first opportunity after submitting the application.

Amending the terms and conditions of the operating licence

If the activities are expanded and the location of the activity changes, the whole committee based procedure must be repeated, which results in the addition of an annex applied for.

Suspension of the operating licence and renouncement of economic activity

If the undertaking wishes to terminate its activities in the selected field, the undertaking must submit an application, after which the Technical Regulatory Authority declares the handling licence to be void.

The Technical Regulatory Authority may suspend the validity of the handling licence immediately in the occurrence of circumstances which allow the annulment of the handling licence. The validity of handling licence may be suspended for the time which is needed for the committee to make a decision and which cannot be longer than 30 days.

Revocation of operating licence

If the undertaking violates the terms and conditions of the operating permit or law, the operating licence will be annulled. An operating licence is annulled, if:

  • The holder of the handling licence renounces economic activity.
  • When applying for the operating licence or applying for the renewal of the validity of the licence, the undertaking has submitted false data which was of critical importance in the decision on granting or renewing the licence.
  • A prohibition on economic activities imposed by a court judgment or pursuant to law is effective in respect of the undertaking in the respective field of activity.


State supervision is performed by the Technical Regulatory Authority.

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