Notice of economic activities for provision of communications service

If an undertaking pursues to provide publicly available electronic communications service, it must submit a notice of the provision of electronic communications service to the Register of Economic Activities.

Electronic communications services include:

  • telephone service
  • mobile telephone service
  • data communication service
  • leased line service
  • cable distribution service
  • network service (including access, interconnection, virtual network service)
  • other electronic communication service.

Legal acts which regulate the activities of a communications undertaking:

Cross-border operation

If an undertaking has been established and is operating as a communications undertaking in another contracting state of the European Economic Area but also wishes to provide continuous services in Estonia, the undertaking must establish a branch of a foreign company in Estonia and submit a notice of economic activity to the Register of Economic Activities.

Undertakings of a contracting state of the European Economic Area which provide temporary communications service are exempt from the obligation of submitting the notice of economic activity, unless a special law does not stipulate the obligation of submitting the notice of economic activity.

Filling in and submission of a notice

The notice of economic activity must include the following data:

  • name of the self-employed person and registry code, in the absence of the latter the personal identification code or date of birth and the name and number of an identity document, and, if applicable, the business name;
  • business name and registry code of the legal person (in the absence of the latter, the relevant identification marker of the country of location (number or letter combination equated to a registration number));
  • contact data of the undertaking (telephone number, address and e-mail address);
  • the date of commencement of communications service if it differs from the date of submission of the notice of economic activity;
  • the date of termination of the provision of communications service if the provision of the service is planned for a specified term;
  • type of the provided communications service;
  • geographical area of the communications service;
  • description of the provided communications service. If there are several services the undertaking wishes to provide, we recommend submitting the descriptions of different services in different files when submitting the electronic notice.

The notice of economic activities can be submitted:

Amending the information concerning economic activities

An undertaking immediately notifies the Technical Regulatory Authority about amendments in the information of its economic activities.

The data of the notice can be checked at the website of the Register of Economic Activities.

The undertaking can inform the registrar about the amendments:

Renouncement of economic activities

In case of temporary renouncement of economic activities, the undertaking must submit a notice on temporary renouncement, which includes the dates of temporary renouncement and re-commencement of economic activities.

In case of full renouncement of economic activities, the undertaking must submit a notice on renouncement of economic activities, which includes the date of the termination of the economic activities.

The notice can be submitted:


State supervision in this field is performed by the Technical Regulatory Authority.

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