Postal service licence

An operating licence is required if you wish to provide the following postal services:

  • universal postal service;
  • forwarding of items of correspondence as ordinary items, registered items, insured items or bulk items;
  • forwarding of postal parcels as ordinary items, registered items, insured items or bulk items.
  • The operating is issued by the Competition Authority and its period of validity is five years.

You can apply for the provision of universal postal service only in case if you have won public procurement competition arranged by the Competition Authority.

The provision of postal services is regulated by:

Requirements for applicants

In order to obtain the operating licence, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • you and the activity specified in your application comply with the requirements provided for in the Postal Act or legislation established on the basis thereof;
  • the standard conditions specified by you are in accordance with legislation and comply with the objectives provided for in the Postal Act;
  • you have a postal network necessary for the provision of the service or the right of use of such network;
  • you and the person who has the right to manage you must not have information in the punishment register concerning a punishment for criminal official misconduct or economic criminal offence;
  • you have paid the state fee.

Cross-border operation

If you hold a licence for the provision of the postal service in another state, which is a Contracting Party to the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement, which by its subject of review predominantly corresponds to the Estonian licence and if its validity has not been confined to a territory or place of business situated outside Estonia, then you do not need a separate licence for activities in Estonia. In such case you shall submit an application to the Competition Authority for exemption from the licence obligation, which contains the following information:

  • in the case of a sole proprietor, the name, personal identification code, in the absence thereof the date of birth, and business name upon the existence thereof, in the case of an undertaking which is a legal person, the business name and registry code;
  • address of the location of the undertaking;
  • contact details of the undertaking (phone number, postal address and e-mail address);
  • name of the authority that has granted the licence and the date of issue of the latter.

If you hold licence for the provision of a postal service in Estonia and you wish to provide this services also in another EEA state, then you need approval with relevant economic authority in that state. It is recommended to contact the authority with an inquiry prior to applying, as the procedure rules may differ from country to country.

Information on activities in other EEA states can be found in the EUGO point of single contact of respective country.

Filling in and submitting the application form

To obtain the licence, please submit the application and the following additional documents:

  • in case of a legal person, which is in the process of establishment – notarially certified or equivalent copy of the memorandum of association or of the foundation resolution;
  • documents certifying the existence of a postal network necessary for the provision of the services or the right of use of such;
  • the standard conditions for the provision of postal services;
  • a proposal regarding the secondary conditions of the licence (the date of commencement of activities; the geographical area where the holder of the licence provides services and, if necessary, the geographical area where another postal service provider provides services in the name of the holder of the licence; the number of access points, information regarding their location and the minimum business hours of post offices; other conditions arising from the rights or obligations provided for in the Postal Act or legislation established on the basis thereof).

NB! Prior to the submission of the application please pay the state fee.

The application can be submitted by:

Payment of the state fee

The state fees for licence applications are the following:

  • activity licence for universal postal service — 1180 euros;
  • activity licence for forwarding of items of correspondence as ordinary items, registered items, insured items or bulk items — 370 euros.

The state fee must be paid to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance, with the reference number 2900080089:

  • Swedbank — EE932200221023778606
  • SEB — EE891010220034796011
  • Luminor — EE701700017001577198

Processing the application

The received application is processed for up to 30 days. You will be informed about the issuance of the activity licence within five working days by e-mail.

The licence is issued in an electronic format.

If the information in the application is not sufficient you will be informed soonest possible by e-mail. If the deficiencies are remedied the licence is issued within 30 days.

The period of validity of an activity licence is** 5 years**.

To get a new licence please submit the licence application to the Competition Authority at least 60 days in advance as of the expiration of the activity licence.

Amending the conditions of the operating licence

If you wish to modify conditions of the activity licence or the standard conditions of the service, you shall submit respective application the Competition Authority by one of the following means:

Suspension of the operating licence and renouncement of economic activity

If you are unable to comply with the secondary conditions of the licence or perform the obligations prescribed in the Postal Act, you shall immediately notify the Estonian Competition Authority in writing. The notification shall list the obligations which you are unable to perform, specify the reasons for failure to perform the obligations and the term for suspension of the licence.

If you wish to terminate your activity in the chosen sphere, you shall submit to the Competition Authority respective application by:

Revoking of the activity licence

The Competition Authority revokes the licence, if:

  • you intentionally submitted incorrect information upon application for an authorisation, which affected the grant of a licence, provided that if such information had not been submitted, the grant of an authorisation would have been denied;
  • you renounce the provision of postal service;
  • there is a valid relevant prohibition on economic activities imposed by a court judgment or arising from law in a relevant area of activity in respect of you, except for a valid prohibition imposed pursuant to the General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act.

The Competition Authority may revoke the licence, if:

  • you failed to commence the activities specified in the licence by the date prescribed by the licence or you terminates such activities within the period of validity of the licence;
  • you are declared bankrupt;
  • you materially violate of an economic activity requirement in the subject of review of the authorisation or ancillary condition of the authorisation;
  • a significant damage or danger caused to public order by the activity permitted by the authorisation, which did not exist or was not known at the time of grant of the authorisation and which overrides your interest in continuing the activity and which cannot be eliminated by amendment of the authorisation;
  • a resolutive condition occurs, which was set out as an ancillary condition of the activity licence and as a precondition of the validity of the licence.


The state supervision in the field of postal services is authorised by law to the Estonian Competition Authority.

Contact details

Substantive information

Indrek Ahermaa, Competition Authority, tel: +372 667 2510, e-mail:

Registry information and technical questions

Register of Economic Activities, tel: +372 668 7080, e-mail:

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