Activity licence for recreational craft building

You need to apply for an activity licence if you wish to operate in recreational craft building, which includes the following activities:

  • construction of recreational craft,
  • repairs,
  • testing,
  • technical inspection.

The activity licence is valid indefinitely and it is issued by the Maritime Administration.

Recreational craft building is regulated by:

Requirements for the applicant

To obtain an activity licence, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • the applicant is an undertaking registered in Estonia (including self-employed persons);
  • you possess the necessary technical equipment and competent personnel;
  • you do not have any tax arrears or staggered tax arrears.

Cross-border operation

In case the undertaking is established and operates in maritime activities in another country of the European Economic Area but wishes to operate in Estonia as well, it must apply for an exempt from permit obligations.

Undertakings of a member state of the European Economic Area, who provide temporarily services in Estonia, do not need to submit an activity licence.

Information about operating in other member states of the European Economic Area can be found at an EUGO point of single contact of the relevant country.

Filling in and submitting the application

To obtain an activity licence, please submit an application and the following additional documents:

  1. a list of technical equipment;
  2. materials certifying the qualifications and/or experience of your professional staff;
  3. an overview of activities, which in recreational craft building includes at least the following information:
    • general description of the recreational craft as a product;
    • whether ISO standards or other normative documents (depending on the materials) are used in the construction;
    • which production inspection module is used;
    • how the required testing is carried out;
    • how is the load-bearing capacity, the maximum loading, the number of persons on board and engine power determined;
    • an example of the ship identification number, which has the unique manufacturer’s code, i.e. a MIC code you have requested (which is issued by the Maritime Administration on the basis of a separate application after the issue of the activity licence).

You can submit the application:

Payment of the state fee

A fee of EUR 130 is paid for the review of the application of recognition for every working hour of the public servant of the Maritime Administration, but not more than EUR 2000. To apply for an activity licence, please transfer the state fee to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance with the reference number 2900073119:

  • Swedbank – EE 93 2200 2210 2377 8606;
  • SEB – EE 89 1010 2200 3479 6011.

Processing the application

The submitted application will be reviewed within 20 working days. You will be notified of the issue of the activity licence via e-mail.

The activity licence will be recorded in the Register of Economic Activities. If the information in the application is incomplete, you will be contacted via e-mail or by phone after the submission of the application.

The activity licence is valid indefinitely.

Changing the terms and conditions of the activity licence

If you wish to change the location of activities or other terms and conditions valid upon the issue of the activity licence, you must notify the Maritime Administration within 5 working days after the change in data or changes.

Please submit the application for change to:

  • the e-mail address or
  • by post on the address Lume 9, Tallinn 10416.

Suspension of an activity licence and termination of economic activity

If you wish to discontinue activities in the selected field, please submit a written application to the Maritime Administration either digitally signed by e-mail or by post.

Revocation of the activity licence

If you violate or have violated the terms and conditions of the activity licence or the laws, your activity licence will be declared invalid.

The issuer or the activity licence may declare the activity licence invalid in the following cases: bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings have been initiated against the undertaking; the undertaking does not comply with the terms and conditions for issuing the activity licence.

The individual is notified of the decision to declare the activity licence invalid by e-mail or post.


National supervision is carried out by the Maritime Administration.

Contact details

Additional information

Andres Kõnd, Maritime Administration, tel: +372 620 5750, e-mail:

Registry information and technical questions

Register of Economic Activities, tel: +372 668 7080, e-mail:

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