Activity licence for rehabilitation service

Rehabilitation service means a service provided to support the ability of persons to cope independently, their social integration and employment or commencement of employment, in the framework of which:

  • a personal rehabilitation plan is prepared for a person;
  • services specified in the list established by the Government of the Republic and set out in the rehabilitation plan are provided;
  • a person is instructed how to carry out activities described in the rehabilitation plan.

The activity licence is granted by the Social Insurance Board without a term, unless you wish to set a limit for the period of validity.

The provision of the rehabilitation service is regulated by the following legislation:

  • Social Welfare Act;
  • General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act;
  • Regulation No. 66 of the Minister of Social Protection of 21.12.2015 “The format and list of documents for the application for rehabilitation services, the format of letters of referral for rehabilitation services, a list of invoice details and the procedure for compensation for expenses, and the list of information contained in a rehabilitation plan”;
  • Regulation No. 69 of the Minister of Protection of 21.12.2015.

Requirements for the applicant

To receive an activity licence, you must comply with the following requirements:

  1. you have formed a rehabilitation team pursuant to he Social Welfare Act;
  2. you have ensured that the accommodation during the provision of rehabilitation services complies with the requirements of he Social Welfare Act. This means that you accommodate persons in one of the following:
    • at a hospital;
    • at an accommodation establishment which complies with the requirements established for accommodation establishments based on subsection 19 (4) of the Tourism Act at least to the extent of the requirements established for visitor’s apartments;
    • at a social welfare institution which complies with the health protection requirements established based on the Public Health Act;
  3. you are not subject to liquidation proceedings, a decision of termination or a declaration of bankruptcy;
  4. you have no tax arrears or they have not been staggered.

Professional qualification of employees

If you wish to employ an employee, who has received his/her qualification abroad or has professional (vocational) work experience abroad, the employee must have his/her professional qualification recognised in Estonia. A professional qualification acquired abroad may not automatically comply with the conditions established in Estonia.

Find out about the professions / professional practice that must be recognised.

Contact the competent authority of your area of activity to receive additional information and have the professional qualification of an employee recognised.

Cross-border activity

An entrepreneur from a foreign state must comply with the same requirements as domestic entrepreneurs when operating in the Republic of Estonia. Information about operating in another state of the European Economic Area is available at the EUGO Point of Single Contact of the relevant state.

Completing and submitting a notice

For the receipt of an activity licence, please submit an application with the following information:

  • operator’s name and business registry code;
  • operator’s contact details (telephone number, e-mail and postal address);
  • name of legal activity stated by law (rehabilitation services), and the classification code and name set forth by subsection 4 (6) of the Commercial Code (Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled, EMTAK classification code 8810);
  • information about the specialists of the rehabilitation team: person’s name and personal identification code, contact details (telephone number, e-mail address), area of specialisation in the rehabilitation team, information on education or qualification (document number and date of issue, issuer of the document); for professional certificates – the profession and professional level specified thereon, the institution that awarded the profession, the number of the professional certificate, the place and date of issue and the term of validity;
  • list of services provided by you within the framework of rehabilitation service;
  • place of business;
  • the chosen term of validity for the activity licence, if you wish to apply for a licence for a fixed term;
  • business name, business registry code and location of a subsidiary, if you wish to use the activity licence for activities of the subsidiary;
  • the date of commencement with economic activities in the field of activity, if it is different from the date of submitting a notice of economic activities; name and contact details of the person signing the notice of economic activities (telephone number and e-mail), in case of a legal person – also the basis for representation.

Please submit the following additional documents with your application:

  • copies of proof of education or qualification for persons who have obtained a degree in higher education in Estonia prior to 1998 or who have obtained education abroad (the diploma + the Estonian ENIC/NARIC evaluation). The Social Insurance Board may request additional documents, if necessary (when data is not available in registers);
  • copy of a document confirming the signatory’s right of representation (except in cases where the person’s right of representation is reflected on the commercial register’s registry card).

You can submit the application:

Payment of the state fee

Before submitting the application, the applicant must pay the state fee of 20 euros. The amount must be transferred to a bank account of the Ministry of Finance with reference number 2900082414:

  • Swedbank - IBAN EE 93 2200 2210 2377 8606;
  • SEB Pank - IBAN EE 89 1010 2200 3479 6011.

The explanation should state which service the fee is paid for (rehabilitation service). It is not necessary to send a payment order.

The processing of an application

A submitted application shall be processed within 30 days after the submission of the application and all the required information.

If you fail to submit some of the required information, then the Social Insurance Board shall notify you no later than on the working day following the day the deficiencies were discovered. If you fail to provide the required information, then the Social Insurance Board has the right to disregard your application. If you fail to submit the necessary information by the requested date, then the Social Insurance Board may refuse to adjudicate your application for an activity licence.

The Social Insurance Board shall send you an initial response no later than on the third working day following the submission of the application.

The Social Insurance Board shall enter the information about granting or refusing an application in the register on the working day following the date of the decision.

The registrar will send an automated notice about your data having been entered in the register, containing a reference to the data in the register, and a reference to the contestability of the administrative act, if one was issued.

If information was entered in the register based on an administrative act, which satisfies your application to the full extent and does not restrict anyone’s rights, then the administrative act is considered as delivered with the entering of the information in the register.

In general, the activity licence is granted without a term.

Amendments to the circumstances of an activity licence

Please submit an application for amendment of an activity licence, if you wish to:

  • add to or remove specialists from the rehabilitation team;
  • renew the data of a professional certificate in the subject of review of the activity licence;
  • add or remove services to be provided.

You must submit an application to the Social Insurance Board at least 30 days before implementing the planned change.

Applications for amending activity licences are adjudicated by the Social Insurance Board in accordance with the procedure provided for the grant of activity licences.

You can submit an application for the amendment of an activity licence:

Suspension of an activity licence and termination of economic activity

If you wish to suspend or terminate your activity in the field of rehabilitation services, then please submit a written application to the Social Insurance Board. The application must state the reason for suspending/terminating the activity and the period of suspension. You can submit your application:

The following are also considered as having fully renounced their economic activities:

  • an undertaking which has failed to comply with the obligation to submit an annual report provided by law within six months after the expiry of the term for compliance with this obligation;
  • a sole proprietor which has failed to comply with the obligation to submit an income tax return provided by law within six months after the expiry of the term for compliance with this obligation.

Revocation of an activity licence

An activity licence is revoked when:

  • you intentionally submitted incorrect information in the application for an activity licence, which could affect the adjudication of the application, if, upon failure to submit such information, the grant of the activity licence should be refused;
  • you terminate economic activity;
  • you are subject to a prohibition on economic activities imposed by a court judgment or pursuant to law.

An activity licence may also be revoked, when:

  • you have not commenced or are not executing economic activities within two years after the issue of the activity licence;
  • you severely breach the conditions of the activity licence;
  • a significant damage or danger to public order is caused by the activity permitted by the activity licence, which was not known at the time of grant of the activity licence and which overrides the interest of the owner of the activity licence in continuing the activity and which cannot be eliminated by amending the activity licence;
  • secondary conditions of the activity licence change. You can apply for a new activity licence for the same activity at any time. If an activity licence has been revoked during the preceding year because of violation of requirements of the activity licence, then you must add a plan for compliance with diligence obligation to an application for an activity licence for the same activity. The plan of compliance with diligence obligation must demonstrate how you plan to ensure the future fulfilment of the requirements, the violation of which was the cause for revocation of the previous activity licence. 11. Supervision The Social Insurance Board exercises governmental supervision over the provision of special care services.


The Social Insurance Board exercises governmental supervision over the provision of special care services.

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