Guarantee for deposits

Deposits held in credit institutions registered in Estonia are guaranteed and compensated in full, but compensation shall not be larger than 100,000 euros per one person in one bank.

The depositor protection guarantee scheme established with the Guarantee Fund Act in Estonia meets the requirements of the European Union deposit guarantee directive. The Guarantee Fund is the authority that guarantees protection of funds invested by depositors in credit institutions in the event of a credit institution’s insolvency.

Credit institutions registered in Estonia where deposits are compensated:

  • Swedbank
  • SEB pank
  • Bigpank
  • LHV pank
  • Tallinna Äripank
  • Inbank
  • Coop pank
  • Luminor.

The deposits of a foreign bank’s Estonian branch and cross-border deposits received in foreign countries are also guaranteed and compensated for the account of the Deposit Guarantee Sectoral Fund. Well-known branches are Danske Bank and Nordea. Other branches can be found on the Financial Supervision Authority’s webpage.

Deposits, together with the interest thereon as at the date on which the deposits become unavailable, shall be guaranteed and compensated for to the extent of 100 per cent but not more than in the amount of 100 000 euro per depositor in any one credit institution.

Payment of compensation shall commence not later than on the 10th business day after the date when deposits became unavailable. Compensation of deposits shall end within 20 business days of the date when deposits became unavailable, from 2016 May 31 shall the compensation of deposits end within seven business days.

Compiled by: Financial Supervision Authority