Exchange of kroons for euro

As from 1 January 2011, the legal tender in Estonia is the euro. Kroons are exchanged for euro at the central rate of 1 euro = 15.6466 kroons.

More detailed information about the adoption of the euro is available in the Euroweb.

Where to excange kroons?

From 2014 kroons are only exchanged at the Museum of Eesti Pank at the central exchange rate (1 euro = 15.6466 Estonian kroons), without a service fee, in unlimited amounts and for an unlimited period of time. The Museum of Eesti Pank (11 Estonia blvd, Tallinn) is open from 12 to 17 from Tuesday to Friday and from 11 to 16 on Saturdays.

Estonian kroons cannot be exchanged by mail. Eesti Pank will not be responsible for any banknotes and coins lost in the mail.

Compiled by: Central Bank of Estonia