Benefit for pensioners living alone

Old-age pensioners living alone are entitled to a benefit of 115 euros once a year – in October. The payment of the benefit is not linked to whether the recipient of old-age pension is employed or not, or whether they receive other social benefits or income.

Pensioners do not need to apply for the benefit, as the Social Insurance Board shall disburse the benefit after checking the respective data.

Who are eligible for the benefit

To receive the benefit, the person must meet all the following criteria between 1 April and 30 September:

  • be of the retirement age;
  • live alone according to the Population Register;
  • receive pension, the monthly net amount of which is less than 1.2 of the average old-age pension in Estonia; in 2018, this amount is 492 euros. The net amount means the amount of pension, from which income tax has been deducted.

The Social Insurance Board receives data on the age of pensioners and the size of their pensions from the social protection information system.

The Social Insurance Board receives data on whether a pensioner lives alone from the Population Register. If a pensioner has lived alone from 1 April to 30 September, they are entitled to the benefit. If a pensioner has lived alone for a shorter amount of time, they are not considered to be a pensioner living alone in the respective calendar year. This pensioner shall have the right to receive the benefit in the next calendar year, provided that they continue to live alone.

Receivers of pension from abroad

A person receiving pension from abroad must declare the size of their pension received from abroad to the Social Insurance Board in order to receive the benefit for pensioners living alone (as at 1 April 2018), to which the Board shall add the amount of pension received from Estonia – the aggregate of these amounts must be smaller than 1.2 of the old-age pension in Estonia (492 euros in 2018).

A bank account statement is sufficient to declare one’s pension size.

Residents of care homes, guardians and persons under guardianship

Residents of care homes as well as guardians and persons under guardianship are also eligible for the benefit for pensioners living alone.

  • All persons of retirement age who live in care homes and whose pension is lower than 492 euros receive the benefit for pensioners living alone.
  • If two pensioners, one of whom has been placed in a care home, share living space, they both shall receive the benefit.
  • If a guardian and a person under their guardianship share living space and one of them is a pensioner, then this person is entitled to the benefit for pensioners living alone. The Social Insurance Board consults the Population Register to check eligibility.
  • If a pensioner lives with their child (children) who is dependent on the pensioner, the pensioner is entitled to receive the benefit for pensioners living alone. This does not extend to situations where a grandchild has been registered to live with their grandparent; this applies to situations where a pensioner is raising their minor child.

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