Citizen’s Day – 26th of November

The Citizen’s Day is celebrated on 26th of November and this event is meant for all citizens and people living in Estonia.

Citizen’s Day is devoted to Estonian citizens and their rights and obligations. The aim is to raise awareness of civic status and elevate civic pride. Citizen’s Day is oriented at all Estonian citizens and all people aspiring to become citizens regardless of their ethnicity. The Citizen’s Day is a national event which is largely dedicated to the dissemination of information and it’s keywords are:

  • the state and the citizen
  • citizen and their rights and obligations
  • becoming a citizen
  • Constitution
  • democracy in Estonia
  • citizenship and identity documents

History of the Citizen’s Day

Since 1998, Citizen’s Day has been celebrated on 26th of November. On that day in 1918 the Land Council passed a decree on “The citizenship of the Estonian democratic republic”, by which, for the first time, the notion of the Estonian citizen was established in the legal sense.

The aim of the Citizen’s Day is to value the status of the citizen, to raise civic pride and recognise the decisions made by citizens in shaping the country’s development. The development of a democratic country depends on the citizens who know their rights and also exercise them. It is first of all oriented to all Estonian citizens and citizenship applicants, regardless of their ethnic nationality.

Citizen’s Day Award

The Ministry of the Interior bestows Citizen’s Day awards on responsible and caring people who have displayed civic excellence by making a significant contribution to society, promoting civic education or volunteering in their communities.

Both individuals and organisations are invited to suggest nominees for Citizen’s Day awards to the Minister of the Interior. The list of nominees will be reviewed by a committee set up at the Ministry of the Interior that is authorized to issue 15 awards. The committee is made up of representatives of state authorities and civil society organisations.

Citizen of the Year

Each year, the Ministry of Culture announces a competition for the title of Citizen of the Year. Permanent residents of the Republic of Estonia may be nominated and anyone may suggest nominees. The honorary title of Citizen of the Year is bestowed on people who have stood out as active and caring members of Estonian society.

The Minister of Culture presents the Citizen of the Year title at the annual Citizen’s Day award ceremony held on November 26th.

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