Benefits and allowances for conscripts

Conscripts are paid a monthly allowance from the day they arrive at the conscript service unit until the completion of the conscript service.

The allowance is paid on the basis of the rank of the conscript:

  • private, seaman – EUR 100.00
  • corporal, leading seaman – EUR 125.00
  • sergeant, petty officer 3rd class (OR-4) – EUR 175.00
  • sergeant, petty officer 1st class (OR-5) – EUR 200.00

Conscripts are paid increased allowances from their ninth month in compulsory military service:

  • private, seaman – EUR 150.00
  • corporal, leading seaman – EUR 150.00.

A member of the Defence Forces is provided with a medical examination and regular health checks upon referral by the flag unit physician at the expense of the State. The State will also bear the cost of the treatment of a member of the Defence Forces injured or taken ill due to the performance of his service duties.

A conscript will not be paid for a period during which the conscript is:

  • absent from active service without leave
  • in disciplinary detention
  • in treatment for injury or illness contracted during a period or in a situation while not performing his duties.

The Defence Resources Agency pays a person in alternative service a monthly allowance in the amount of the monthly minimum wage established by the Government of the Republic while the person is in minimum service.

No allowance will be paid for a period during which the person in alternative service is absent from alternative service without leave.

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