Medical Committees

Fitness for active service of persons liable to service in the Defence Forces is assessed by the medical committee of the Defence Resources Agency on the basis of their state of health. For persons eligible to be drafted and for reservists, any tests, analyses and the examination carried out by the medical committee are free of charge.

Persons eligible to be drafted and reservists are required to appear before the medical committee at the time and place designated, concerning which they will be sent a written summons by the Defence Resources Agency.

When reporting to the medical committee, bring along the following documents:

  • an identity document (identity card or passport);
  • a duly completed certificate from a family physician (general practitioner). A person eligible to be drafted will be issued the certificate free of charge;
  • if you are a woman, a certificate from a gynecologist;
  • other original documents with data on health status, when necessary;
  • bank account number.

When the person eligible to be drafted has undergone the commission a compensation is paid to the person to cover the costs of travel and catering.

Reporting to and submitting to the medical committee is mandatory for all persons eligible to be drafted and for reservists.

Should a person eligible to be drafted or a reservist fail to report to the medical committee or submit to further tests or psychological testing specified, the person will be issued with a precept. Failure to comply with a precept will entail liability for a penalty payment of 640 euros.

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