Reserve trainings

People who have completed conscript service will receive an invitation to reserve trainings or re-trainings. At the reserve trainings, participants will be reminded of what they learned in the conscript service and introduced to new equipment and weapons. Wartime military units will practise co-operation and activities on both the individual and unit level.

During participating in the reserve training, you are titled to receive allowance and ask for compensation of the travel expenses. During this time, a reservist will be subject to the rights and obligations specified in the Military Service Act.

At a reserve training, a reservist shall be determined a military rank on the basis of a directive by a commanding officer of a military unit or a senior commander, and in accordance with the military training, a post (including a post determined in the wartime structure of the Defence Forces).

When is the notification about a reserve training given

120 days before a reserve training, the Defence Resources Agency shall send an invitation to your registered address. The invitation includes information meant for submitting to your employer regarding the invitation to the reserve training.

You can check your data in the national defence obligation register and, if necessary, update your contact data .

The duration of reserve trainings is different for reservist with various military ranks.

How often are people called to reserve trainings

In general, people who are invited to reserve trainings more often include individuals in the reserve forces who are up to 35 years old and those who have a specific speciality. Differences may also be based on your military readiness rank.

Up to 4 years after completing conscript service, individuals are in the high readiness military unit and after that, 8 years in the primary readiness unit. Therefore, individuals in the reserve forces are called up to reserve trainings more often during the first 12 years after they have completed their conscript service. The supplemental reserve unit includes individuals over the age of 35 who have completed their conscript service more than 12 years ago.

Compiled by: Estonian Defence Forces