Reservists are persons in reserve service, i.e. people participating in reserve trainings. If you have completed conscript service, you are entered into the reserve of the Defence Forces. Reserve status is held up until age 60.

People in the reserve are part of the wartime units or the augmentation reserve of those units. Depending on the age and profession of the person in the reserve, they are called up to participate in reserve trainings.

By default, all men aged up to 60 that have not completed conscript service or are not part of the wartime units but have a national defence obligation are considered augmentation reserve.

The four main obligations of the people liable to national defence obligation are the obligation of notifying, the obligation of appearing, the obligation of submitting, and the obligation of performing procedures.

During the entire time they are in the reserve, reservists are obliged to notify the Defence Resources Agency of any:

  • changes in their education, marital status, and place of employment,
  • severe illness or physical disability, and
  • other circumstances that have an impact on the fitness to serve in the Estonian Defence Forces.

Moreover, reservists must, if so requested by the Defence Resources Agency or the territorial headquarters of the Defence Forces, submit proof needed for the verification of information or the issuing of an administrative act and must, if needed, appear before a medical assessment committee and, upon receiving a relevant summons, attend reserve trainings.

One can check inclusion in the Estonian Defence Forces reserve, via the State Portal, in the National Defence Obligation Register.

More information about reserve service is available on the (website of the Estonian Defence Forces)[].

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