Reservists are persons liable to service in the Defence Forces who, on the basis of their state of health and age, have been declared fit to serve in the Defence Forces and have been assigned to the reserve of the Estonian Defence Forces. Non-active status is held up until age 60.

Mostly, reservist status is acquired upon the conclusion of compulsory military service, in the area of specialisation acquired during compulsory military service. According to military rank, reservists are divided into soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers, being members of the wartime units of the operational structure of the Estonian Defence Forces, the wartime units of the Estonian Defence League, augmentation reserve units or unspecified reserve.

The Defence Resources Agency registers those male Estonian citizens between 28 and 60 years of age as untrained soldiers in reserve, who have a criminal record for an intentionally committed criminal offence for which a sentence of imprisonment was given, or who have been sentenced for the commission of a criminal offence related to narcotic or psychotropic substances. In addition, citizens of the Republic of Estonia, who during the term of postponement of the call to service attain 28 years of age, are registered as untrained soldiers in reserve.

Reservists are obliged, during the entire time they are in the reserve, to notify the Defence Resources Agency of any changes in their education, marital status and place of employment, also any severe illness or physical disability and any other circumstances that impact on fitness to serve in the Estonian Defence Forces. Moreover, reservists must, if so requested by the Defence Resources Agency or the territorial headquarters, produce proof needed for the verification of information or the issuing of an administrative act and must, if needed, appear before a medical assessment committee and, on receiving a relevant summons, attend refresher training.

One can check inclusion in the Estonian Defence Forces reserve, via the State Portal, in the National Defence Obligation Register.

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