National internal security

The primary function of the Internal Security Service is to ensure national internal security. The Internal Security Service also has functions in the capacity of a police force – the right to investigate unlawful activities and use force when necessary.

National security in Estonia rests on three pillars:

  • security and legal protection;
  • ensuring security using non-military means, which is above all related to protection of the constitutional order and gathering information for making national security policy;
  • ensuring military readiness against attacks by a foreign enemy.

The functions of the Internal Security Service are the following:

  • defending the state’s constitutional order and territorial integrity;
  • protecting state secrets;
  • carrying out counterintelligence;
  • conducting proceedings on criminal matters in cases set forth in legislation;
  • the fight against corruption;
  • the fight against terrorism.

About areas of activity of Internal Security Service you can read on the homepage of Internal Security Service.

Information pertaining to the Internal Security Service’s activity can be forwarded around the clock to the dispatcher’s telephone number 612 1455 or e-mail address Confidential hotline: (+372) 612 1500.

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