Weapons and weapons permits

Ordinary citizens have the right to own a civilian weapon intended for hunting, relevant sporting activities, self-defence and property protection, professional activity and gun collecting. A distinction is drawn between weapons and ammunition in unrestricted commerce and those in restricted commerce.

Legal persons are permitted to acquire, hold and possess weapons for internal guarding service, for dealing with relevant sports or hunting, for studies in subjects related to weapons, for collecting, for providing security services and for sales, manufacture, storage, alteration or reparation of weapons permitted by activity licence.

Weapons in restricted commerce

Persons under 18 years of age may not acquire, own, possess, carry, store or convey weapons in unrestricted commerce or ammunition for such weapons. Weapons in unrestricted civil commerce shall not be entered into the register of service and civilian weapons.

Weapons in unrestricted commerce are:

  1. gas spray
  2. pneumatic weapons of a calibre of up to 4.5 mm (inclusive)
  3. hunting knives
  4. diving knives
  5. fencing weapons for sport (épée, espadon, foil, etc.)
  6. cut-and-thrust weapons related to historical tradition in culture, martial arts or sports (sword, dagger, rapier, etc.) or copies thereof
  7. crossbows requiring a draw force of up to 75 kg (inclusive)
  8. sporting bows requiring a draw force of up to 45 kg (inclusive)
  9. underwater weapons.

Weapons specified in clauses 2 and 4-9 of this section may be possessed, carried, stored or conveyed by persons who engage in corresponding sports and have attained at least ten years of age.

Weapons in restricted commerce are:

  • gas weapons
  • pneumatic weapons
  • projectile weans
  • cut-and-thrust weapons
  • firearms.

Acquiring a weapon

To acquire a weapon, one must apply for an acquisition permit at a service bureau of the Police and Borderguard Board. The acquisition permit entitles him or her to the acquisition, and subsequent storage and conveying of a weapon belonging to the weapon category listed on the permit until the weapon is registered.

To obtain an acquisition permit or weapons permit, a private person must submit:

  • a written application, indicating the purpose, brand or category of the weapon, or the specific weapon, that they desire to acquire
  • a decision made on the basis of a medical examination
  • two photographs measuring 3 x 4 cm
  • certificate of payment of state fee.

A representative of a legal person must apply for an acquisition permit at a service bureau of the Police and Borderguard Board.

The acquisition permit shall be valid for three months of the day on which it was issued. The permit may be extended by three additional months. The holder of the permit is obliged to report any loss or destruction of the permit promptly to the police prefecture. The person acquiring a weapon is obliged to register the weapon within seven business days by submitting weapon permit application along with the aquisition permit, where the seller of the weapon has listed the specifications for the purchased weapon (there is no need to bring the weapon to the police service bureau). Before receiving the firearms permit, an examination must be passed. The weapons permit is valid for five years.

You can order a notification about expiration of your weapons permit to your @eesti.ee address or via SMS.

You can also check the weapons registered in your name and view the information of the weapon permits issued to you.

Read more about weapons permit at the web page of Police and Border Guard Board.

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