Benefits for participants in voluntary national defence

Members of the Defence League district are entitled to, with the written request of the head of the unit, receive up to ten calendar days of unpaid rest leave within one calendar year.

With a decision by the Chief of the Defence League, compensation may be paid for unpaid rest leave for up to five calendar days in a calendar year. The basis for calculating the compensation is the last average monthly gross wages determined by the Statistical Office.

To receive compensation, an application must be submitted to the head of the structural unit of the Defence League along with a confirmation from the employer about granting unpaid rest leave. The Defence League will make a decision about paying compensation within 14 calendar days since receiving the application.

An active member of the Defence League, who was invited to a reserve training with the reservists of the Defence League, is entitled to receive compensation in an equal extent as the reservists. The compensation is paid from the day the individual arrives at the place indicated in the invitation until the completion of the reserve training. The size of the compensation depends on the post.

Compiled by: Estonian Defence League