Estonian Defence League

The Estonian Defence League is a national defence organisation – voluntary, militarily organised, having arms and engaging in military training – that operates within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence. The function of the Estonian Defence League is to increase the readiness of the people to defend Estonia’s independence and constitutional order by drawing on free will and personal initiative.

The Estonian Defence League has 15 regional units across Estonia. The regional units of the Estonian Defence League are those of Alutaguse, Harju, Jõgeva, Järva, Lääne, Põlva, Pärnu County, Rapla, Saare County, Sakala, Tallinna, Tartu, Valga County, Viru and Võru County.

Becoming a member of and withdrawal from the Estonian Defence League are voluntary and subject to the procedure established by the statutes of the Estonian Defence League. An Estonian national at least 17 years of age may be an active member of the Estonian Defence League.

Defence League School

The school provides basic and further training for the heads of different levels of the Defence League regarding professional military competences, social skills, and teaching skills necessary for performing their tasks. The regulation of the teaching is based on the tasks of the Defence League and the needs and possibilities of the members of the Defence League.

Teachers in the Defence League School include professionals of their fields and members of the Defence League district who have received the respective training.

Cyber Defence Unit

The Estonian Defence League comprises the active Cyber Defence Unit, which aims to defend Estonia’s high-tech lifestyle by defending its information infrastructure and thereby pursuing the objectives of national defence more broadly. Members of the Cyber Defence Unit include specialists in positions important in terms of cyber defence, patriotically minded people (including young people) with IT skills who are ready to make their contribution to the cyber defence of the nation and specialists in fields needed for cyber defence.

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