Women's and youth organisations of the Estonian Defence League

There are three organisations specific to the Estonian Defence League:

  • Naiskodukaitse (Women’s Home Defence)
  • Noored Kotkad (Young Eagles)
  • Kodutütred (Home Daughters).

Women’s Home Defence is an Estonia-wide volunteer organisation linking women, which makes a contribution of its own to national defence and the development of society by supporting the Estonian Defence League, educating citizenry and upholding patriotic traditions.

All members of Women’s Home Defence undergo basic training, select additional courses according to their areas of specialisation, are able to practice sport, participate in military activities, and attend social events. The training of members and organisational activities are aimed at the performance of the functions of the Estonian Defence League, whereby each member can make her contribution to the development of national defence and to the betterment of society more broadly.

The Home Daughters and Young Eagles are patriotic Scout-style volunteer organisations. Their members may include Estonian nationals aged 8 to 18 and adult supervisors who respect the principles and laws of the Home Daughters and Young Eagles. At formation events, the native country, its history and Scouts’ skills are studied. Furthermore, camping, hikes and competitions are organised.

The districts of the Women’s Home Defence and Home Daughters and the regional units of the Young Eagles are active with the Estonian Defence League in all the Estonian Counties.

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