Public Transport

The Road Administration is working on the creation of the Public Transportation Information Service (PTIS) with the aim of concentrating reliable information on planning, organizing, monitoring and use of the public transportation service in one place.

For that purpose, a national information system for organising public transportation will be created with the help of the European Economic Community and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The system includes the timetables of public transportation lines, information about the providers of passenger transport services, the public transportation permits issued to the service providers, international passenger transport law records, vehicle maps, line permits and public transportation stops in a general database, and allows keeping track of this information.

Gathering public transportation information

In September 2009, the Road Administration started the introduction campaign for the national travel planner, which for the first time, includes almost all Estonian public transportation lines that operate according to a timetable. The service allows planning travels from station to station as well as from one geographic location to another. The travel planner was created as part of the second step in the creation of the Public Transportation Information system.

Compiled by: Estonian Road Administration