Motor vehicles

A vehicle in the sense of the Traffic Act is a device powered by an engine or in another way, designated for road traffic or driving on the road. A power-driven vehicle is a vehicle that is powered by an engine. Motor assisted cycles, mini mopeds, off-road vehicles, trams and vehicles with a design speed of less than 6 kilometres per hour are not deemed to be power-driven vehicles.

All procedure activities related to motorised vehicles are performed by the The Estonian Road Administration (ERA).

ERA website provides information about registering a vehicle, about inspection of a vehicle before registration, and about technical inspection of a vehicle. Also, information is provided about formalising any changes in the registration and about deleting the vehicle from the registry. Advice is given for purchasing a car. ERA deals with all procedures connected with motor vehicles.

ERA’s web page provides all necessary information concerning the registration, pre-registration inspection and technical inspection of a vehicle. Information is provided on how to formalize changes and how to delete a vehicle from the register. You will also get advice for purchasing a car.

Sending digitally signed documents to ERA offices

All offices of the ERA’s the Vehicle Register accept digitally signed documents. These are: templates to be filled in, letters of authorisation, applications, letters of explanation, etc. In order to send a digitally assigned document to the Vehicle Register, please download the relevant template from the ERA’s website, fill it in, sign via ID card and send to

Military vehicles

If a vehicle that is designed for military use is planned to be acquired and brought into Estonia, then before bringing it over the state border of the Republic of Estonia the Strategic Goods Commission must be consulted with about the vehicle to be acquired being listed among military goods.

If the Strategic Goods Committee deems the vehicle to be military goods, then an import license for military goods (in case of transit through Estonia – a transit permit) must be applied for and received before the vehicle enters the territory of the Republic of Estonia. Upon registering such vehicles, the import license for military goods must be presented in addition to other required documents.

More about Strategic Export Control can you read at homepage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Compiled by: Estonian Road Administration