Right to drive

A motor vehicle can be driven by a person who has the right to drive a vehicle of the necessary category.

The right to drive is given to an Estonian citizen whose permanent residence is in Estonia and to a foreign national in Estonia under a residence permit, if their age and state of health meet the requirements that are in effect and if they have received the necessary preparation and successfully passed the required theory and driving test.

Motor vehicle categories

In terms of the law applied to driving motor vehicles, cars and motorcycles are divided into the main categories:

  • A (motorcycle)
  • B, C, D (cars)
  • BE, CE, DE (road trains
  • and the sub-categories A1, B1, C1, D1, C1E and D1E.

An AM-category motor vehicle (moped) can also be driven by a person who has the right to drive, or a limited right to drive, a motor vehicle of any category.

A person with the right to drive a B-category vehicle can drive both a B1-subcategory motor vehicle and a three-wheeled vehicle with symmetrical wheels placement (trike) if the capacity of the vehicle’s engine does not exceed 15 kilowatts and if the vehicle is of sub-category A1.

Limited right to drive

The limited right to drive a B-category motor vehicle can be given to a person who is 16 or 17 years old. A person with a limited right to drive can drive a vehicle, on the condition that they sit next to their legal representative. Likewise the driver can be accompanied by a person with a written authorisation document by the legal representative, the person is required to have had a valid driving licence for at least two years and who is not in a state of intoxication.

The limited right to drive only gives a person the right to drive a motor vehicle in Estonia.

Last amended: 30-08-2016 00:00 | Compiled by: Estonian Road Administration