Travel documents for a driver of a motor vehicle

Besides a driving license and compulsory travel insurance and vehicle registration, certain drivers must carry additional documents when exiting the country.

A motor vehicle operator must carry:

  • driving license or other document certifying the right to operate a motor vehicle;
  • motor third party liability insurance policy or certificate of exemption of insurance agreement (international insurance policy or insurance policy accepted in the country that the driver is exiting);
  • motor vehicle registration certificate and trailer registration certificate or copy of the trailer registration certificate bearing the stamp or seal of the issuing agency.

If a driver wishes to drive out of Estonia and his or her name is not entered as a vehicle user on the vehicle’s registration certificate, the driver must have a notarized letter of authorization issued by the vehicle owner, unless the owner is a passenger in the vehicle. Such a letter of authorization can be filled out at a Road Administration office. If the vehicle owner and the person hiring out the vehicle are a legal person entered into the Estonian Commercial Register and their field of activity is hiring out vehicles, the letter of authorization can be supplanted by the vehicle lease agreement.

The car hire agreement must list the following data:

  • place and date entered into;
  • name and address of vehicle owner;
  • vehicle make and model, manufacturer label;
  • registration certificate number and state registration plate data;
  • name, address and driving license number of vehicle user.

The owner’s signature on the authorisation document to use a vehicle has to be officially verified or notarised. Official verification of the signature on a border crossing authorisation document can be received from the offices of the Traffic Registry.

Compiled by: Estonian Road Administration