Benefits for the unemployed

The labour market services which are suitable for a client are selected in accordance with their individual needs. The regional departments of the Unemployment Insurance Fund provide assistance and advice not only to the unemployed, but also to those thinking about changing jobs, as well as to employers.

Categories of labour market benefits:

  • unemployment allowance eligibility for which is held by employees who lack an income in the extent of the unemployment benefit and who have worked at least 180 days within the 12 months preceding registration
  • a stipend for an unemployed person who takes part in a labour market training lasting at least 40 hours
  • travel and accommodation benefit for which the participant in a labour market training submits an application. The benefit is paid on the basis of participation documentation submitted by the trainer.

To apply for the unemployment benefit, contact a county department of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, where applications can be filled in for registration as an unemployed person, for unemployment insurance compensation and/or unemployment benefits. The following must be appended to the application for unemployment benefits:

  • identity document
  • document certifying employment or other occupation in the 12 months preceding registration and of termination thereof.

Unemployment benefits are paid for up to 270 days (164,61 EUR in month at 2018). If the last employment relationship was terminated at the initiative of the employer due to breach of work duties, loss of confidence or an unbecoming act, unemployment benefits are paid for a maximum of 210 days. If you have been assigned unemployment insurance benefit, you may not simultaneously apply for unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits and unemployment insurance benefit are paid to the unemployed person until the 270 days are up.

Unemployment benefits are calculated and paid retroactively for the days between visits by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. Unemployment benefits are paid at least once every 30 days to the personal bank account of the unemployed person.

An employee who is covered by unemployment insurance is indemnified in case of loss of job, collective layoffs and insolvency of the employer.

Unemployment insurance covers all wage-earning employees who have themselves paid unemployment insurance premiums or for whom the premiums have been paid. Unemployment insurance does not cover sole proprietors who do not receive income from wages.

Categories of benefits:

  • unemployment insurance benefit
  • insurance indemnity in case of layoffs
  • indemnity in case of insolvency of employer.

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