Services for the unemployed and job-seekers

Labour market services are services provided for the unemployed and for job-seekers to help them find work and facilitate professional development, and for employers to find suitable labour.

Types of labour market services:

  • Notification of the situation in the labour market as well as labour market services and benefits.
  • Labour mediation – finding suitable work for the unemployed and job-seekers and suitable workers for employers.
  • Labour market training – work-related training for the unemployed, meant to provide skills that improve their chances of finding work. Labour market training lasts up to one year.
  • Career counselling – counselling the unemployed and job-seekers on choosing further education, training or work opportunities according to their personal characteristics, education and skills. The purpose of career counselling is to help a person with choosing their work and profession, finding work and shaping their career.
  • Internships – a labour market service offered by an employer who is a private legal person or a sole proprietor or by the local municipal institution. The purpose of this service is to provide supplemental knowledge and skills needed by the unemployed to work.
  • Public work – temporary paid work, which does not require professional or special occupational training. The unemployed are directed to public work with their consent for up to 10 working days, but not for more than 50 hours a month.
  • Work practice – a labour market service offered to the unemployed to restore a work habit or to provide primary work habits. The purpose of work exercises is preparing the unemployed for work. Work exercises can last up to three months.
  • Support for business start-ups.
  • Assistance for family caregivers/parents – if you are registered as unemployed and unable to participate in a labour market service or start a job because you are raising a child up to 7 years of age (inclusive) or caring for an immediate family member who is elderly or has disabilities, the Unemployment Insurance Fund can grant needs-based compensation for costs related to care and caregiving (hereinafter referred to as the care service).

Labour market services can be provided, in addition to the Unemployment Insurance Fund and its regional departments, by private companies that have been registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs as labour market service providers.

Labour market service providers may not charge the people who turn to them for labour mediation services. Only an employer or another private legal person or sole proprietor can be charged for labour mediation services.

Compiled by: Unemployment Insurance Fund