Labour dispute

When there is a disagreement between an employer and an employee, attempts should be made to resolve the dispute by agreement of the parties.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by agreement of the parties, both the employer and the employee have the right to present the case to a labour dispute committee. Labour dispute committees have been formed at each local inspectorate of the Labour Inspectorate.

The other body in charge of resolving labour disputes is the court. The only restriction is that submitting an application simultaneously to a labour dispute committee and the court is prohibited.

In case of work-related problems, the solution should be primarily sought from the contract of employment, a collective labour agreement, a legal act or an administrative act. Labour relations are complicated and problems are frequent; therefore it is recommended that you consult a representative of the employee, a trade union or the managing body of an employees’ association in case of a disagreement.

A labour dispute committee has to review the petition no later than within one month from the day following the receipt of the petition. This time limit is three months for a court.

The parties of the disputes related to the conclusion and performance of collective agreements have the right to consult the Public Conciliator. The Public Conciliator is a person appointed by the Government of the Republic, who shall try to identify the reasons for a labour dispute and shall propose resolutions. In case of successful negotiations the conciliation shall be documented in writing and the performance of the agreement is binding on both parties. In addition to this, collective labour disputes may be resolved in a labour dispute committee or court.

Compiled by: Labour Inspectorate