Recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Estonia

If you have acquired your education or worked in another member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, and wish to work in Estonia, check whether your qualification (education and/or work experience) is also recognised in Estonia. Work traditions and education systems may differ in member states. Therefore, the professional qualification you have acquired abroad may differ from the requirements set for similar jobs in Estonia. This means that before commencing work in Estonia, you should check if, and to what extent, the foreign professional qualification is recognised locally.

Is my professional qualification recognised in Estonia

Check whether the position you wish to apply for in Estonia is in the list of regulated professions. If so, you need to undergo the recognition process for the professional qualification before commencing work.

Regulated professions or professional activities are those that require specific education or work experience, as set in Estonian legislation.

How are professional qualifications recognised

If you wish to commence work in a regulated profession in Estonia, you must apply for recognition of your qualification. To do so, contact the competent authority in your area of activity. The competent authority decides whether the education or work experience you have acquired abroad is sufficient for working in the same profession in Estonia. If so, the professional qualification you have acquired abroad will be recognised, and you will be able to work in the regulated profession. If there are substantial differences (e.g. in the content of the education or professional activity), the competent authority may impose compensation measures (adaptation period or aptitude test).

The competent authority will let you know which documents are necessary for the recognition procedure. If necessary, the competent authority has the right to require translations of documents.

Receiving a decision may take up to 4 months. Read more about the recognition decision.

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