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Terms of use of State Portal eesti.ee

General conditions

The state (public, private and third sector) offers its public services through the portal „eesti.ee“ pursuant to the legal acts valid in the Republic of Estonia.

The portal administrator (State Information Systems Development Centre) shall not be held liable for the possible loss or short-received revenue emanating from the utilization or non-utilization. In case of services, where the portal provides just the mediating environment, the rendering institution or enterprise (responsible processor of the service) shall be held liable for the concrete service.

All services of the portal are free of charge, excl. those, in case of which the fee has been established separately or determined by a legal act.


In case of requests performed in the environment of the State Portal eesti.ee, forwarded documents and other services the portal ascertains the service user’s identity on the basis of the information regarding him, which was received upon logon.  The fact of ascertaining the service user’s identity, personal ID-code and data received from databases on the basis of it may be conveyed by the portal administrator in case of user’s awareness exclusively to the provider of the corresponding service.

The forms and requests completed by the service user are not treated as signed documents in case these forms, requests or documented were not signed pursuant to the Digital Signature Act.

In case for some service there are established the requirements different from the present utilization conditions (special agreements, special requirements emanating from the legislation, availability or absence of alternative services), the service user shall be asked for additional consent.

Personal details

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, personal details shall be stored in the portal information system exclusively upon the portal user’s permit and in the scope necessary for the functioning of the portal and its services. By submitting his person for identification the user agrees to the portal utilization conditions and provides the consent that:

  • his/her personal details shall be processed and stored in the portal information system as well as in mediated registries and web environments;
  • requests to databases shall be performed on the basis of his/her personal ID-code, if it is necessary for securing the functionality of the rendered  service or portal.

The details stored on the portal shall be accessible exclusively to the portal administrator and provider of the corresponding service exclusively for the purposes of rendering this service.

Technical details

The technical details stored in the portal information system shall not be made accessible in personalized form to third parties. For the identification of the user’s session there shall be used the cookies. There shall be considered as technical details:

  • user’s IP address;
  • user’s web-browser identificator;
  • URL of web-page preceding the addressing to the portal;
  • portal page URL, which the user addressed;
  • authentication type (Internet bank, ID-card, cell phone ID);
  • data necessary for user’s electronic identification (personal ID-code, name and surname).


The copyright shall be possessed by the person constituting the source of information (author) with the following restrictions:

  • there shall be permitted in-depth references to all materials and services of the portal; in case of providing in-depth reference in a wrong context the portal contents administrator and author shall have the right to demand the elimination of the reference or change in context;
  • there shall be permitted partial and complete reproduction of the portal information, in case there is provided the information update and presentation of the information in a context accepted by the portal contents administrator and author.

Text made by eesti.ee
Last modified 3. February 2015