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Activity licences and precepts for health services

Using this service an entrepreneur can apply for activity licences for provision of the following health services:

  • specialised medical care;
  • emergency medical care;
  • general medical care based on a family physician’s practice list;/li>
  • independent provision of nursing;
  • independent provision of midwifery.

The service can also be used for amending the data of an activity licence; terminating, suspending and continuing of an activity licence; taking over an activity licence from another holder. Via the service an entrepreneur can also reply to precepts of the Health Board.

Board member of an enterprise by default holds the right to use e-services at the State Portal on behalf of the enterprise. An administrator of an enterprse can also give an employee of the enterprise the right to use e-services. See the access rights manual. In you have any questions regarding the access right, please contact our helpdesk:

Text made by Estonian Health Board

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Last modified 16. October 2015