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Vacation pay and average wages compensation

Employers can apply for compensation for the following personnel expenses in accordance with Employment Contracts Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act:

  • annual holiday of a minor employee (Employment Contracts Act § 56);
  • annual holiday of an employee receiving pension for incapacity for work (Employment Contracts Act § 57);
  • parental leave (Employment Contracts Act § 63 1)
  • parental leave for a parent of a disabled child (Employment Contracts Act § 63 2)
  • average wages guaranteed to employees during nursing time (Occupational Health and Safety Act § 10)
  • paid carer’s leave (as of 01.07.2018, Employment Contracts Act § 651).

Please note that for being compensated for holiday pay you must file an application no later than within three months as of the month the relevant employee was on holiday. After that the Social Insurance Board cannot process the application. 

If filing an application in the E-environment is not possible for any reason, the application can be submitted digitally signed to the e-mail address [email protected]

You can find the application on the Social Insurance Board website.

NB! If the applicant wishes to use a (new) foreign bank account, The Social Insurance Board must be contacted prior to the submission of the application for the corresponding bank account to be added for the company.

[email protected] or call Social Insurance Board 612 1360, on weekdays from 9:00 till 17:00. On the last Friday of every month 9:00–13:00.

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Last modified 10. December 2020