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Applying for A1 (E101) certificate as sole proprietor

An A1 certificate must be applied for as a sole proprietor if:

  • you will operate as a sole proprietor in another EU Member State for a limited period of time (up to 24 months)
  • you usually operate as a sole proprietor in two or more EU Member States (including Estonia)
  • in addition to operating as a sole proprietor you work (on the basis of an employment contract) in one or several EU Member States.

As of 18 March 2019 certificates A1 issued in Estonia will be effective without being signed or sealed and the Estonian Social Insurance Board will no longer issue paper forms by mail. You can view and print certificate A1 issued to you through the service Applications for A1 (E101) certificate filed by me and my certificates.

[email protected] or call Social Insurance Board helpline 612 1360, on weekdays 9:00–17:00. On the last Friday of every month 9:00–13:00.

NB! All official forms are in Estonian.

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Last modified 15. March 2019