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Searching for a vehicle without insurance contract

This service enables users to check whether they are persons subject to insurance obligation in connection with a vehicle that does not have a motor insurance contract. The obligation to enter into a motor insurance contract applies to:

  • the person registered in the motor register as the owner of the vehicle, if the authorised user of the vehicle is not entered into the register; and
  • the person entered into the motor register as the authorised user.

A motor vehicle or its trailer registered in the motor register must have a valid motor insurance contract at all times with two exceptions:

  • insurance obligation does not apply within 12 months following the termination of the contract, provided that during the period the vehicle is not engaged in traffic or otherwise used in a manner that can cause an insured event; and
  • vintage vehicles and racing cars that are not used in traffic do not have to be insured.

NB! All official forms are in Estonian.

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Last modified 9. May 2019