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Informing of domestic will

With this e-service you can inform the succession register of the preparation of a domestic will. Notice of a domestic will can be submitted by:

  • yourself informing of your own domestic will
  • a person assigned as a keeper of the domestic will
  • another person that knows of the domestic will.

The will itself cannot be submitted within this service.

Before sending the information to inform a domestic will, please note that the will needs to be signed by the bequeather. The date and information of witnesses (if there are any) is required. Ignoring this legally prescribed format requirement may render the will invalid.

Unlike a notarial will, a domestic will remains in force for 6 months while the testator is alive. If the person is alive after 6 months have passed from preparing the domestic will, the will loses its force. 

In the form below details of witnesses are not required; such details can still be added to the field “other data”.

NB! In order to use the e-service, you have to be logged in to the state portal with your ID card or via the Mobile ID service.

Text made by Ministry of Justice

In order to use the service you have to enter the State Portal eesti.ee! Enter

Last modified 8. April 2019