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Viewing the data of Estonian language proficiency examination

The service includes the possibility for the registrants or people already taken the Estonian language proficiency examination to view the data about their past and upcoming Estonian language examinations in the database of Foundation Innove (former National Examination and Qualification Centre). One can also cancel the registration and download one's certificate.

The following data is being registered about the Estonian language examination:

  • Result - level, time, status of the examination.
  • Certificate - number, issue date, valid/invalid, certificate (.ddoc).
  • Application - insertion date, chosen level, place and time, status.
  • Notice - examination, date and time, place of the examination.

In order to view the document, a software program "DigiDoc Client" must be installed in the computer. This can be downloaded for free from the following address:

In order to use the service you have to enter the State Portal! Enter

Last modified 27. April 2015