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Registration of citizenship exams

The service is intended for those who wish to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Estonia and have a passport, ID card or residence permit.

To apply for Estonian citizenship, it is necessary to pass an examination on knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia and the Citizenship Act. Only those who do not have Estonian citizenship can register for the exam.

When registering for the exam, you can choose the time and place of the exam. You can also choose whether you wish to receive the examination notice by post or by e-mail.

NB! Be sure to fill in all required fields.

For making corrections in the application or for cancellation of registration, call HARNO at 735 0500 or submit an application by e-mail to harno@harno.ee.

Text made by Education and Youth Board (HARNO)

In order to use the service you have to enter the State Portal eesti.ee! Enter

Last modified 8. June 2021