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My dental care benefit and denture benefit information

You are displayed the data related to adult dental care benefit (rate, remaining limit) for the current calendar year.

The benefit for people over the age of 19 with health insurance is 30 euros per calendar year.

A larger benefit, which is 85 euros per calendar year, is available for pregnant women, mothers of children under one year of age, persons receiving pension for incapacity for work, persons with partial or no work ability, pensioners, and persons with an increased need for dental care due to medical reasons.

The balance of unused benefit during the calendar year will not be carried over to the following calendar year.

The information page shows data on benefits paid since 2007 and data for only those calendar years during which you have previously submitted an application for the compensation of the provided service. You no longer have to submit an application for compensation when it comes to dental services provided after 1 July 2017. The benefit will be automatically deducted from the invoice at the contract partner of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. In addition, you will have to pay less for this service.

Data for Denture benefit will be displayed if you have right for it and you have used it.

If you have any questions, call the client line of the Health Insurance Fund at (+372) 669 6630 or write an e-mail to info@haigekassa.ee.

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Last modified 22. February 2021