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Revocation of A1 (E101) certificate

You can revoke an A1 certificate issued in your name.

As an employee, you must notify the Social Insurance Board of all changes in your situation that occur during the period of validity of your A1 certificate. An A1 certificate must be revoked if:

  • the employment contract with you is terminated
  • you enter into a new employment contract with a new employer
  • activity in a foreign country is suspended, but for a reason other than short-term illness, holiday or training
  • the employer sends you to work for another undertaking in the host country, i.e. your employer changes
  • your state of residence changes.

An A1 certificate need not be revoked if the certificate expires at the prescribed time and no changes have occurred.

In all cases make certain that you also set out the reason for the revocation of the certificate.

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Last modified 15. March 2019