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Overview of second-pillar transactions

To view a summary of mandatory funded pension transactions, enter a date range. The overview of transactions will display:

  • Date of money transfer
  • Party who made the transfer – the party on whose order the money was transferred (employer, AS Pensionikeskus (Pension Centre), etc.). The name of the party making the transfer, registry code or, if the party is not known to the Pension Centre, the comment “unidentified” will be displayed.
  • Amount of transfer – amounts received on the pension account are displayed with a “+” sign and the amounts disbursed from the pension account are displayed with a “-“ sign. Amount of income tax withheld from disbursements from the funded pension are listed on a separate row. If units were exchanged in the transaction, the amount equals the number of units multiplied by the valid net asset value (NAV) of the unit.
  • Details – an explanation of the transfer (issue of units on the basis of receipts from the Tax Board, payments from the pension fund, inheritance by transfer, etc.).


The service can be used by all Estonian citizens and residence permit holders for whom a pension account has been opened and who have acquired mandatory funded pension units. 

Note: All official forms are in Estonian.

Text made by Pensionikeskus

In order to use the service you have to enter the State Portal eesti.ee! Enter

Last modified 25. May 2020