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Accessing the customer portal of the Labour Inspectorate (eTI)

The customer portal of the Labour Inspectorate (eTI) allows employers and private persons to communicate and exchange documents with the Labour Inspectorate electronically.

Among other options, employers can use eTI to:

  • access data about visits by labour inspectors, violations, occupational accidents and diseases, misdemeanour procedures, approval applications, and labour disputes;
  • send notifications regarding serious or fatal occupational accidents;
  • submit reports on occupational accidents and diseases;
  • submit prior notices regarding the commencement of construction works;
  • send notifications regarding the fulfilment of precepts or the lodgement of objections to precepts;
  • send notifications regarding the commencement of activities or the alteration of the field of activity;
  • enter data of working environment representatives, working environment specialists, working environment councils;
  • inform Labour Inspectorate of working environment councils’ activities of the last 12 months.

Employees can use eTI to access data related to their cases (e.g. occupational accidents, diseases), submit labour dispute claims and send other letters (e.g. explanation requests, requests for information).

Text made by The Labor Inspectorate

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Last modified 11. August 2021