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  • Important dates for persons submitting income tax returns

    8–10 February: an opportunity to see in the e-Tax Board/e-Customs the pre-completed data on your tax return.

    15 February: submission of income tax returns through the e-Tax Board/e-Customs available. Service bureaus start to issue printouts of the pre-completed income tax returns.

    29 February: commencement of refund of income tax to customers who submitted their tax returns through the e-Tax Board/e-Customs.

    31 March: deadline for submission of income tax returns.

    20 April: commencement of refund of income tax to customers who submitted their tax returns on paper.

    1 July: term for payment of additional income tax and refund of overpaid amount of income tax.

    3 October: due dates of payment of additional amounts of income tax and of refund of overpaid amounts of income tax, if business income, gains from transfer of property or income derived in a foreign country is declared. Also a non-resident who declared deductions in Estonia.

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  • EUGO Point of Single Contact

    EUGO is a network of EU state portals that provides points of single contact for entrepreneurs throughout the EU. Through EUGO information is easily found about which licences, notifications or permits are needed to start a business in any EU country.

    The activities of the EUGO Network involve meetings of experts and technical staff as well as testing days and thematic seminars. is part of the EUGO network. EUGO operates under the Services Directive which aims to fulfil the goal of a digital single market.

  • Apply for Estonian e-Residency

    The Republic of Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency — a transnational digital identity available to anyone in the world interested in administering a location-independent business online. e-Residency additionally enables secure and convenient digital services that facilitate credibility and trust online.

  • Recognition of foreign professional qualification

    Check if your qualification is recognised in Estonia.

  • ID-cards and applying for documents

    With an Estonian ID-card a person can access state and private sector e-services and digitally sign documents. The ID-card is mandatory for foreigners staying permanently in Estonia.

  • Overview of the Estonian taxation and customs system

    Type of taxes, tax calendar, customs duty and procedures.

  • Links to other information systems

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