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Using the service My Documents

The service My Documents, or ODIS (official documents infrastructure service), makes it possible to securely send, receive, store, manage, upload, download and share documents, including pre-given online application forms, messages, replies to received documents etc., with state institutions, their information systems and other service users, as well as to sign them.

The service makes it possible to:

  • store and manage citizen's/enterpriser's documents in one place;
  • send documents to other users or directly into the document management system of the needed institution;
  • send documents by using the @eesti.ee email address;
  • share documents with others for signing as well as to terminate the sharing, if necessary;
  • choose the notifications that alert you of the actions performed with documents;
  • show the entire history of actions related to documents;
  • send and receive documents via the document exchange environment (DEE);
  • give feedback to the DEE on the user-side procedure status regarding a document, and receive information (on receipt and procedure) about the document sent via the DEE.

The total capacity of the user account of the service My Documents is 50 MB and the user's documents are stored for at least 12 months. In order to start using the service, You need to agree with the terms of use first. You can cancel the service My Documents in the menu Settings.

The service administrator may restrict access to the service during maintenance, for security reasons, or if the terms of use are ignored.

Start creating My Documents (Login required)

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Last modified 2. February 2016